More about mobile wallets


I came across two articles which follow on from my article last week on mobile wallets.


In the article on “Comment: Mobile Wallets – Can IT withstand the strain?” ( makes some very interesting points about how retailers need to have a very good overview of all the technology they have a cross their organisation. The technology will need to be integrated with the mobile wallet technology for the business to get the maximum benefit from what mobile wallets have to offer – such as information about purchases trends and needs of their customers. Because the technology is spread across many departments there will turf issues to deal with, e.g. Customer loyalty card information may reside with Marketing or Sales. 

It is also important that the system is robust and can cope with customer demands which ebb and flow and that the system has the capacity to deal with demand place on the system at peak times. Lastly, all the above has be seamless and work 100% of the time as it will make sure the customers gets a good service or they will not come back with more business in the future.


In the article “2013: opening the mobile wallet?”( are two conflicting reports. There are conflicting reports about the use of mobiles for banking and the use of mobile wallets. This all

highlights the huge debate that is going in some circles about this new technology. There is also a difference between the relative use in US and Europe which I have talked about in earlier blogs on this subject. ICM Research talks about the doubt as to whether mobile wallets will really feature in 2013. Whereas Juniper Research talk about over 1 billion people will use mobile for banking purposes by 2017.


So what does all this mean to you as consumer and potential user of mobile wallets? Apparently 80% of us are aware of mobile wallets now but only 8% are prepared to use them. The mobile joint venture between EE, O2 and Vodafone say that education will help persuade us to make the move. However, this is disputed by the ICM Research data and goes on to say that the use of mobile wallets is in its infancy with lack of support, few terminals and little or no in-store promotion. This is certainly the case in the UK with only a very small number of retailers using the technology.


There is also the concern amongst consumers like myself about the security of mobile wallets. This has not been help by the major players not talking to each other and going their separate ways – although I understand things are improving on this front. But uptake will remain patchy until all parties get together and thrash how to move forward constructively, and reassure consumers like myself with a consistent message. After all many of us who have been around a while will remember a number of battle royals between two or more companies or organisations in the same field fighting over different technology to get you and I to buy their particular product.