Pfizer site may become an Enterprize zone


Pfizer announced a couple of months ago about how it would be closing their snadwich site with the loss of 2400 jobs. The site way become an Enterprise zone. An application  has been made for it to become an Enterprise zone. If it obtains this status it will mean will benefit from business rate discounts, simplified planning and access to superfast broadband. Fingers crossed for Sandwich.

Government admits it only has half the money for superfast broadband


Why do Governments never tell us the whole truth and then wonder why the voters are so cynical about politicians? As time goes on the current Government seem less and less different from it predecessors.

Jermery Hunt, the Culture Secretary, has admitted the Government has only half the money (£530m of the £1060m) that is needed for the superfast broadband expansion it was crowing so loadly about in December. It says the current budget crisis as a reason for this, and in its next breath says local authorities will need make up the balance – in a time of reduced budgets. Somethings never change. One day we might have government which tells us the truth – but then pigs will be flying as well!

Broadband prices to rise is this just the tip of the iceberg

One has to wonder if this is just the beginning, with all the investment in superfast broadband we hear about each day I cannot believe the companies will absorb all the costs and not pass on any of  it on to their customers.

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Want superfast broadband? Try 26Tbits/sec.

Is this pie in the sky or where the future lies for the internet in our homes and businesses? Clearly this is only where research is today and it will probably be some years before this can become reality in our daily lives. But even if we only get a fraction of this speed it will be a huge change from today’s speeds.

The importance of this scientific research is that it is theoretically possible, but theory and reality are often two different things. It paints a picture of what the future might hold. If in the late 1950’s someone had said we would walk on the moon many people would have said you were mad – so who knows where the future internet speeds will end up. It can only improve the question is by how much?

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Broadband ‘notspots’ revealed

The UK’s broadband “notspots” have been revealed.

Just days before local authorities learn whether they will get government cash to improve connection speeds.  We Labour reaseachers reveal 18 parliamentary constituences have a majority of the population in low-speed areas, where households face frustration at their computer keyboards

In total, 11.1m people, 18.1% of the population, live in low-speed areas, in more than 5m homes. In contrast, in 17 constituencies, not a single home suffers slow broadband connections. Of those, 13 are in London, with one each in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Leicester.

So much for superfast broadband for all the UK.

UK superfast broadband faces setback

Rollout of superfast broadband has not rolled out as well as expected , one of the possible reasons is reasons is lack of community involvement.