On-line Business – thinking outside box


We have been reading of late about the state of the economy, that high speed broadband is the future, and how the digital age is upon us and important to the future growth of our economy. So it pleasing to see that some in govt. thinking outside the box – namely looking at current use  infra structure and how it might assist . There are 5,600 telephone exchanges in the UK through which broadband reaches homes. But there are 150,000 power substations reaching around 98 per cent of homes. In many cases fibre could be strung up alongside power lines to homes instead of digging up roads. Thus using this already existing infrastructure to get broadband to businesses and the community. I just hope that such ideas and new thinking do not get lost in the halls of govt,  bureaucracy and vested interests, which so often happens.

It is important we consider new ideas and use them to make us as a country more competitive, and lets face it the UK economy needs all the help it can get. I will monitor and hope that these ideas will be implemented and not labelled as too difficult or impractical never to see the light of day again.