Paypal App






How many of you know that Paypal as an App for your Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It was news to me and I consider  up to date on such things. Clearly, I am not as up to date as I thought. Anyway I thought I would write something about it for those of you like me who were not aware –  Paypal have some amazing stats on currents purchase and predicted purchases for 2011 – Admittedly this are all US$ and presumably US based data nevertheless the stats are impressive. One has to wonder what will happen when mobile wallets become more available. What is even more concerning if you are worried about your budget is the new Paypal App that has been just announced in US. It is only in trial stage at present in New York  but if you go to –, you can see what it is all about and how it looks.

The big problem is everyone is making it so easy to part with your money these days. Perhaps someone might think of an App to help you stop spending!