How do feel about more ads on your mobile?



We have all heard how popular smartphones have become and how much we are all using mobile broadband. But do you want more adverts on your mobile phone. I don’t about you I have an app on mine which gets rid of unwanted adverts. But advertisers are looking at ways of capitalizing on our increased use of smartphones. There is so much potential money to be made you can be sure we will see more mobile ads.



The question is do you want this? If you don’t what can you do about it? Well there are Apps available which will cut out ads on your mobile. These will block ads that are attached to some Apps you download. However, you must remember – there are no free meals in this world. Someone has to fund the free Apps you download – it is the advertisers. So there is a balance to be made. Banning all adverts will mean you have to pay more for your apps.

Are we getting closer to mobile wallets?


This is currently one of the talked about topics in the mobile world, I mention previously how all the mobiles carriers will be coming out with their version of the mobile wallet. But there are several parties that need to come together to make this work. These are the mobile users, retailers, credit card companies and of course mobile phone carriers.

Statistics on consumers show that they are yet to be convinced to move to mobile wallets. The other parties are interested, they are all like the wildibeasts wanting to cross the river full of crocodiles – hestitant to jump first. They all see the potential, and there are some brave souls. Orange/ Barclaycard, O2 in UK, Google/Mastercard in US, and a proposed UK joint venture group of three mobile suppliers. However, there are lots of details to be ironed out before the mobile wallet becomes a reality.

It will take time, consumers need educating and reassured about card security, retailers need to see there is a consumers demand, the card companies and the mobile carriers have to agree on the transaction payments. Then the mobile wallet will be a reality and something we will all use on a daily basis.

Will Smartphones take over the world?


This may seem an odd question, but more and more of us around the world are using Smartphones. Already Australia has more  mobile phones than people. Countries with large population such as China and India the number of mobiles isaround 900 million and 800 million respectively. What I also find interesting is that it is not just younger people that are picking up their Smartphone and get online but also the over 50’s with one in five using them. If you read this article their are some very interesting statistics to be found.

Mobile devices will rule over desktops

I talked about  recently that smartphones sales had overtaking PC sales late last year which might have led Microsoft recent purchase of Skype. This article expands on this point and talks about what the future might look like for smartphones and tablets. As an owner of both a smart phone and an iPad1 I have to agree. The real issue is how quickly the changever will occur, laptops are coming which have touch screens, and smartphones are getting, better, faster and more reliable. So I welcome the next generation of smart phones – they will become ‘the mini PC’s in our pockets’

The mini PC in your pocket

Smartphones are become more popular by the day spearheaded  initially by the iPhone and more recently with the many android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S and new S2.

Only a week or ago Orange/Barclaycard announced UK first mobile wallet, O2 then announced their product coming soon, and finally Google announced a wallet android App coming to US customers later in the year. The increasing uses for the smartphone and the rapidly expansion of  purchasing of consumers via mobile broadband  have spooked even Microsoft.

Microsoft can see the future changing where smartphones will take over from PC’s and their business disappears overnight. In the last three months of 2010, 94m PCs were sold – and 100m smartphones, this is the first time smartphone sales have out stripped PC’s. Now some of you may say so what, they have had a monopoly too long and made billions as we purchase PCs. No one denies that’s the case, but imagines our lives without the PC, laptop or the smartphone.

I don’t think Microsoft will disappear tomorrow as Bill Gates has been pretty good at seeing the future and won’t give up easily. Perhaps this is the reason for the  Microsoft purchase of Skype. But one thing is certain, unless companies like Microsoft can adapt to the rapidly changing environment and consumers demand they will be doomed to fail.

Is mobile broadband hindering boom in ‘m-commerce’

eCommerceIt is being predicted by companies like eBay that ‘m commerce’ is going to boom over the next few years as more of us use smart phones to access the internet and purchase goods and services.

As we use mobiles to gain access to the internet and purchase goods  could lead the UK economy to grow by £4.5bn within four years, and by another £13bn by 2021 according to eBay.

This potential growth will be hindered by lack of access to mobile broadband, and the costs of data downloads. We should push for great coverage and  have ambitious goals to make sure the higher reliability and quality of mobile broadband. This will only happen if he the users create a demand and show we are prepared to access the internet with our mobiles. via @addthis

Google wallet announced for release later in year

Google are preparing to launch their version of a mobile wallet which be available on al Android phones as an app which should be available alter in the year. No dates for non US markets yet I expect there will some upset moble phone companies – what a shame.

Mobile wallet offered to UK shoppers – useful or just an expensive way to buy goods and services.

The introduction of paying with your mobile wallet  has initially been launched by Orange and Barclaycard using ones mobile phone.

This shows how important mobile phone and the mobile broadband are becoming and their increasing importance  in our lives. Some say the internet is like oxygen almost an essential for living. Will same apply to the mobile internet and the mobile wallet?

Where will this lead – will we be throwing out our laptops in the future, probably not but they will certainly change. We have already seen the introduction of Ipad1 & 2 by Apple followed by other manufacturers equivalents. Touch screens laptops are here to stay. Acer have a laptop with two touch screens one of which can be used as a keyboard along with other novel ways of moving information, pictures etc. Smart mobile phones are increasingly popular with iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 in the lead, with others in the market palace.

Smart phones have led to an increase in use of mobile broadband to purchase goods and services. The increase of donations to charities via internet is just one example of this.

This change is fascinating and exciting, it is important to use this technology to help us. I know from personal experience, you can rush out and buy the latest technology only to find it does not live up to the hype. Research it, work out how you can use it on a daily basis, cost it fully, and then make an informed decision, only then will it be a useful tool for you. via @moldovaorg