Mobile phones may cause cancer

This issue has resurfaced again. It has been in the wings ever since there has  been a health related issues  to mobile phone aerials. This recent article is by no means conclusive and suggest that much more research is needed on this subject.

However, what it does mean is that all mobile phone users need to think about taking sensible precautions until the research gives us clearer information.


For example

1.  Don’t place mobile next to the body.

2.  Use texting or email when possible.

3.  Move phone away whilst your mobile is dailing the number.

4.  Use phone headset  keeping mobile 20 cms from body or hands free if possible.

Mobile phone manufacturers gives us such advice in small print with the instructions you get when you get a new mobile phone – it is not easy to find. But the warning is there and it may shock people to know this – clearly they have not highlighted this fact. What this article does is raise is awareness in the public domain so we can all make a more informed decision as to how we use our mobiles.

Want superfast broadband? Try 26Tbits/sec.

Is this pie in the sky or where the future lies for the internet in our homes and businesses? Clearly this is only where research is today and it will probably be some years before this can become reality in our daily lives. But even if we only get a fraction of this speed it will be a huge change from today’s speeds.

The importance of this scientific research is that it is theoretically possible, but theory and reality are often two different things. It paints a picture of what the future might hold. If in the late 1950’s someone had said we would walk on the moon many people would have said you were mad – so who knows where the future internet speeds will end up. It can only improve the question is by how much?

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