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Do you like your kids having a mobile phone?


Mobiles & our kids

A recent UK survey showed that three-quarters of Britons are against children having mobile phones, Reuters reports, but despite this we know that the majority of children possess a mobile phone. Do believe it is a good idea that your child has a mobile because enables you keep in contact with them? Or do you take view they should not have them?

There is also the unresolved matter of what effect the mobile phone signal has peoples health. It has suggested that young children and adolescents may be more susceptible to the harmful effects of mobiles. The problem is the medical data is limited, much more research needs to be done. Governments and the industry are playing the risks down due their vested interests. This attitude has been likened to that of the tobacco industry and cancer 40 years years ago, are we destined to repeat the same mistake with the lives of our children? The problem is that truthfully that there  is insufficient evidence to date. Personally, I think we should be cautious about mobile usage in young children until there is more data available. So what are your thoughts on this?

Can your Smartphone help keep the doctor away!


There will be new gadgets coming into the market soon which measure parameters that monitor health indicators such as blood pressure, blood oxygenation, and sleep patterns. These could be linked to your Smartphone in the future.  All this technology is one thing but the question we should ask is this the correct way to go to manage our personal health. For a long time we have eaten too much fast food, and drunk too much cheap alcohol, health is a personal responsibility. Such gadgets are fine but they do not absolve us from our individual responsibility. We are now seeing the consequences not taking health personally, namely high rates of alcohol problems in young people, a rising rate of diabetes, and widespread obesity. We need to take back responsibility for our health and teach our children not expect others to pick up the pieces.

It is also a necessary that governments and retailers to take some responsibility as well, we need to look very carefully at our licensing laws and their implementation. What message are we sending to our teenagers making it cheap to buy alcohol with ease? 

This new technology will coming soon and will assist at a cost no doubt, but this does not mean can avoid personal responsibility. It is time we looked at the root causes of the problem and stop thinking there is an easy solution. We need to eat less and more healthily, drink less alcohol and take more exercise. By doing this we start taking personal responsibility for our own health and not expect gadgets and others to do it for us!

Mobile phones may cause cancer

This issue has resurfaced again. It has been in the wings ever since there has  been a health related issues  to mobile phone aerials. This recent article is by no means conclusive and suggest that much more research is needed on this subject.

However, what it does mean is that all mobile phone users need to think about taking sensible precautions until the research gives us clearer information.


For example

1.  Don’t place mobile next to the body.

2.  Use texting or email when possible.

3.  Move phone away whilst your mobile is dailing the number.

4.  Use phone headset  keeping mobile 20 cms from body or hands free if possible.

Mobile phone manufacturers gives us such advice in small print with the instructions you get when you get a new mobile phone – it is not easy to find. But the warning is there and it may shock people to know this – clearly they have not highlighted this fact. What this article does is raise is awareness in the public domain so we can all make a more informed decision as to how we use our mobiles.