Can your Smartphone help keep the doctor away!


There will be new gadgets coming into the market soon which measure parameters that monitor health indicators such as blood pressure, blood oxygenation, and sleep patterns. These could be linked to your Smartphone in the future.  All this technology is one thing but the question we should ask is this the correct way to go to manage our personal health. For a long time we have eaten too much fast food, and drunk too much cheap alcohol, health is a personal responsibility. Such gadgets are fine but they do not absolve us from our individual responsibility. We are now seeing the consequences not taking health personally, namely high rates of alcohol problems in young people, a rising rate of diabetes, and widespread obesity. We need to take back responsibility for our health and teach our children not expect others to pick up the pieces.

It is also a necessary that governments and retailers to take some responsibility as well, we need to look very carefully at our licensing laws and their implementation. What message are we sending to our teenagers making it cheap to buy alcohol with ease? 

This new technology will coming soon and will assist at a cost no doubt, but this does not mean can avoid personal responsibility. It is time we looked at the root causes of the problem and stop thinking there is an easy solution. We need to eat less and more healthily, drink less alcohol and take more exercise. By doing this we start taking personal responsibility for our own health and not expect gadgets and others to do it for us!