Smartphone life shakes up website world


 Is your company website geared up for view on smartphone or computers and tablets. If you  follow the techy world you will see that more and more of us are using Smartphone as a means of accessing the internet. If your website is not user friendly to apps then you will rapidly be left behind in this increasingly digital world – think about it if you wish to remain  in business!

0800 numbers might become free for mobiles

Ofcom are considering making calls to 0800 free which is good news. Unfortunately, they are having a consultation exercise first which means it is unlikely to happen before early 2013. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the consultation

process comes out in favour of the proposal.

45 per cent of UK Internet users have accessed the mobile web

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONC) has reported that almost half (45 per cent) of all Internet users have accessed the mobile web in 2011. This showed that 71% 0f 16-24 year old age group accessed the Internet via a mobile phone which should come as no surprise. This figure is up from 44 per cent in 2010. The group least likely to access the mobile web were net aged 65 or over. What is far more interesting is the fact that  4.9 million people, or 13 per cent of Internet users, connected to wireless hotspots provided in public places such as restaurants, hotels or airports.


Also the survey shows not surprisingly that Social Media website usage is increasing year on year especially by  younger age groups. Another concerning factor is that the disabled are not taking part in this increased usage of the internet. This is sad as it one means by which they could participate and have easy access to the internet and all it can do for them.

BBC Android App maps UK for 3G coverage

The BBC have launched a new survey for 3g coverage across UK for all Android phone users. Its free so sign up and it will tell you what system 2G or 3G you are currently using as a % and at the end of the survey you will get a map showing cirrent3G coverage across UK. The more of use that sign up the more accurate it will be. What ahave you got to loose.

Are we getting closer to mobile wallets?


This is currently one of the talked about topics in the mobile world, I mention previously how all the mobiles carriers will be coming out with their version of the mobile wallet. But there are several parties that need to come together to make this work. These are the mobile users, retailers, credit card companies and of course mobile phone carriers.

Statistics on consumers show that they are yet to be convinced to move to mobile wallets. The other parties are interested, they are all like the wildibeasts wanting to cross the river full of crocodiles – hestitant to jump first. They all see the potential, and there are some brave souls. Orange/ Barclaycard, O2 in UK, Google/Mastercard in US, and a proposed UK joint venture group of three mobile suppliers. However, there are lots of details to be ironed out before the mobile wallet becomes a reality.

It will take time, consumers need educating and reassured about card security, retailers need to see there is a consumers demand, the card companies and the mobile carriers have to agree on the transaction payments. Then the mobile wallet will be a reality and something we will all use on a daily basis.

Google Calendar’s bug for android phone users.

Came across this article, is anyone with an Android phone being effected by this Google calendar bug ?  If so have you found a solution? I would be interested to any comments/solutions as Google do not seem to be very forthcoming on this point.

Mobile phones may cause cancer

This issue has resurfaced again. It has been in the wings ever since there has  been a health related issues  to mobile phone aerials. This recent article is by no means conclusive and suggest that much more research is needed on this subject.

However, what it does mean is that all mobile phone users need to think about taking sensible precautions until the research gives us clearer information.


For example

1.  Don’t place mobile next to the body.

2.  Use texting or email when possible.

3.  Move phone away whilst your mobile is dailing the number.

4.  Use phone headset  keeping mobile 20 cms from body or hands free if possible.

Mobile phone manufacturers gives us such advice in small print with the instructions you get when you get a new mobile phone – it is not easy to find. But the warning is there and it may shock people to know this – clearly they have not highlighted this fact. What this article does is raise is awareness in the public domain so we can all make a more informed decision as to how we use our mobiles.