mobile wallet

Are we getting closer to mobile wallets?


This is currently one of the talked about topics in the mobile world, I mention previously how all the mobiles carriers will be coming out with their version of the mobile wallet. But there are several parties that need to come together to make this work. These are the mobile users, retailers, credit card companies and of course mobile phone carriers.

Statistics on consumers show that they are yet to be convinced to move to mobile wallets. The other parties are interested, they are all like the wildibeasts wanting to cross the river full of crocodiles – hestitant to jump first. They all see the potential, and there are some brave souls. Orange/ Barclaycard, O2 in UK, Google/Mastercard in US, and a proposed UK joint venture group of three mobile suppliers. However, there are lots of details to be ironed out before the mobile wallet becomes a reality.

It will take time, consumers need educating and reassured about card security, retailers need to see there is a consumers demand, the card companies and the mobile carriers have to agree on the transaction payments. Then the mobile wallet will be a reality and something we will all use on a daily basis.

The mini PC in your pocket

Smartphones are become more popular by the day spearheaded  initially by the iPhone and more recently with the many android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S and new S2.

Only a week or ago Orange/Barclaycard announced UK first mobile wallet, O2 then announced their product coming soon, and finally Google announced a wallet android App coming to US customers later in the year. The increasing uses for the smartphone and the rapidly expansion of  purchasing of consumers via mobile broadband  have spooked even Microsoft.

Microsoft can see the future changing where smartphones will take over from PC’s and their business disappears overnight. In the last three months of 2010, 94m PCs were sold – and 100m smartphones, this is the first time smartphone sales have out stripped PC’s. Now some of you may say so what, they have had a monopoly too long and made billions as we purchase PCs. No one denies that’s the case, but imagines our lives without the PC, laptop or the smartphone.

I don’t think Microsoft will disappear tomorrow as Bill Gates has been pretty good at seeing the future and won’t give up easily. Perhaps this is the reason for the  Microsoft purchase of Skype. But one thing is certain, unless companies like Microsoft can adapt to the rapidly changing environment and consumers demand they will be doomed to fail.

Mobile phones bring the cashless society closer

The mobile wallet is becoming more of a reality day by day. Orange have launched their product, O2 will soon follow, and Google announced their android model for US market. It is only a matter of time before its in Europe.

So where does this leave the man in the street, initially we have to go for a new mobile with the appropriate chip so this will cost us more. But I sure in time these costs will come down and all mobiles will have the option. The question will we take up this new technology? What factors will dictate the speed of uptake.

Clearly, cost is a factor, availability at retailers another, but as most retailers prefer a cashless transaction for speed and convenience, they will probably make this happen. The young customer will quickly pick this up as they seem to have a mobile attached at birth. Us oldies will take a little longer! Also security is always a concern, I am sure this is well addressed, but the oldies like me need a little convincing all is ok on this.

How will the mobile phone companies manage the increase volume of enquiries – their track record is not great on this if you read Ofcom reports. But the era of the mobile wallet is with us the only question is how fast will it be taken up. via @guardian

Google wallet announced for release later in year

Google are preparing to launch their version of a mobile wallet which be available on al Android phones as an app which should be available alter in the year. No dates for non US markets yet I expect there will some upset moble phone companies – what a shame.