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Smartphone life shakes up website world


 Is your company website geared up for view on smartphone or computers and tablets. If you  follow the techy world you will see that more and more of us are using Smartphone as a means of accessing the internet. If your website is not user friendly to apps then you will rapidly be left behind in this increasingly digital world – think about it if you wish to remain  in business!

Quad Core mobiles now!

Our mobile phone makers have now come up with quad core processors for our mobile phones. It doesn’t seem two minutes hat quad core pc’s were the latest idea, now it phones. This innovation has arrived and we are already expecting a lot of these phones to come out in the market such as the HTC Edge and rumoured Samsung Galaxy S3 and Meizu MX phones. So if you’re planning on buying a new phone this year, you may have to wait until these phones make an entry into the market.



But what does all this mean, for me I always end up trying to do too much at the same time as my mind goes off in tangents. So those multi taskers it means you can get away with this on your mobile as well as your pc without waiting for ever. So it does more things at the same time. It’s also faster for downloads and uploads, so for those who watch videos or clips on YouTube on your mobile will find it much faster. You will also find that power consumption is lower as quad core processors will break up tasks across it cores, and battery drainage will be less if you forget and leave apps open.



Consequentially, as we have seen of late mobiles will become even more like pc’s with the same processing power. Of course this will initially add some additional cost as all new ideas do, but in time I expect cost will come down. So the big question for me is do I wish to forego the bigger pc screen for a more mobile all be it smaller screened pc? For the moment I will continue to use my iPad and watch developments, and use my desk pc when want peace and quiet in my study. It’s like everything in life each has its place some better for one thing and others more appropriate when out and about. So just think about what each does best and ask yourself will it really help you, or is it just another advertising gimmick to get you to buy a bigger more costly mobile.







Do you like your kids having a mobile phone?


Mobiles & our kids

A recent UK survey showed that three-quarters of Britons are against children having mobile phones, Reuters reports, but despite this we know that the majority of children possess a mobile phone. Do believe it is a good idea that your child has a mobile because enables you keep in contact with them? Or do you take view they should not have them?

There is also the unresolved matter of what effect the mobile phone signal has peoples health. It has suggested that young children and adolescents may be more susceptible to the harmful effects of mobiles. The problem is the medical data is limited, much more research needs to be done. Governments and the industry are playing the risks down due their vested interests. This attitude has been likened to that of the tobacco industry and cancer 40 years years ago, are we destined to repeat the same mistake with the lives of our children? The problem is that truthfully that there  is insufficient evidence to date. Personally, I think we should be cautious about mobile usage in young children until there is more data available. So what are your thoughts on this?

When will mobile wallets be reality in UK

Paypal UK seem to think that 2016 will mark the real start of money’s digital switchover in the UK. This based on a survey conducted with some UK retailers and 550 mobile shoppers. Of course this will not sound the end of cash but it will certainly change the way customers shop both online and in

the High Street. It will not be just mobile you can pay with either although they may be the most compact! There will be other devices available, it is envisioned you will ne able to pay with whatever device you are on wherever you are. It could be a mobile, tablet, PC, games console, or a whole lot more. An interesting thought, but it means the retailers will be able to devise novel ways of getting your attention and making it more attractive to shop with them versus another retailer.

Are Mobile web users at the end of tether?

Some of you may be asking what this is all about. Well for a while the new generation of mobiles and smartphones have the ability to act as mini Wi-Fi routers – this is called tethering. This means that you can link laptops, phones and tablets to them and gain access to the internet for these devices.

Alongside this mobile operators are reducing the number of unlimited data bundles available. This is because with the increasing use of smartphones, data usage has sky rocketed. So increasingly the data packages are capped at 500MB or 1GB. What some operators have decided to do at the same time is charge extra for the privilege of tethering. So if you have a 500MB data bundle on your smartphone and you decide to enable tethering on the phone. Your operator may charge you extra outside you data bundle for the privilege of tethering.

The reality is that we are all using mobiles to access the internet more and more, and web browsing is more data-intensive on larger devices – tablets can use twice as much data as a mobile phone.

So why are they doing this? Well their business model is based on mobile broadband access being conducted via dongles or mini Wi-Fi hubs (Mifis). If we use tethering it will make these redundant and result in loss of income stream. So they charge us for tethering.

Some operators such as O2 and 3 have offered tethering without extra charge since earlier this year and Vodafone has just begun including it on new and updated contracts. Orange only lets iPhone customers do it and both Orange and T-Mobile charge more for packages that allows a personal hotspot to be switched on.

So if you are thinking of tethering – forewarned is forearmed if you wish to kerb your mobile costs make sure you know what operators policy is on tethering.

45 per cent of UK Internet users have accessed the mobile web

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONC) has reported that almost half (45 per cent) of all Internet users have accessed the mobile web in 2011. This showed that 71% 0f 16-24 year old age group accessed the Internet via a mobile phone which should come as no surprise. This figure is up from 44 per cent in 2010. The group least likely to access the mobile web were net aged 65 or over. What is far more interesting is the fact that  4.9 million people, or 13 per cent of Internet users, connected to wireless hotspots provided in public places such as restaurants, hotels or airports.


Also the survey shows not surprisingly that Social Media website usage is increasing year on year especially by  younger age groups. Another concerning factor is that the disabled are not taking part in this increased usage of the internet. This is sad as it one means by which they could participate and have easy access to the internet and all it can do for them.

Do you want to avoid a large mobile bill when you get back from holiday?



Mobile roaming charges when abroad on holiday can push up your monthly mobile bill enormously. But it does not need to be so, by taking some simple steps you can you can manage it and still keep it touch.

Firstly, do you really need to get minute by minute update of  your social websites. By changing the settings you can reduce this. But more importantly, your mobile in data roaming mode is continuously syncing and geting info. So to really reduce your monthly bill when overseas you should stop all data roaming.  To do this simply go into your settings and stop data roaming. This means no data updates or downloads period, but you can still receive and make calls.

When you wish to get in contact with friends etc. on your social websites, look for a wifi connection and you will get on contact without increasing your monthly bill. If this not possible re-engage your data roaming and go on line. But remember to disengage when finished or you will pay a high price for your forgetfullness!

Will Smartphones take over the world?


This may seem an odd question, but more and more of us around the world are using Smartphones. Already Australia has more  mobile phones than people. Countries with large population such as China and India the number of mobiles isaround 900 million and 800 million respectively. What I also find interesting is that it is not just younger people that are picking up their Smartphone and get online but also the over 50’s with one in five using them. If you read this article their are some very interesting statistics to be found.