mobile costs

Do you want to avoid a large mobile bill when you get back from holiday?



Mobile roaming charges when abroad on holiday can push up your monthly mobile bill enormously. But it does not need to be so, by taking some simple steps you can you can manage it and still keep it touch.

Firstly, do you really need to get minute by minute update of  your social websites. By changing the settings you can reduce this. But more importantly, your mobile in data roaming mode is continuously syncing and geting info. So to really reduce your monthly bill when overseas you should stop all data roaming.  To do this simply go into your settings and stop data roaming. This means no data updates or downloads period, but you can still receive and make calls.

When you wish to get in contact with friends etc. on your social websites, look for a wifi connection and you will get on contact without increasing your monthly bill. If this not possible re-engage your data roaming and go on line. But remember to disengage when finished or you will pay a high price for your forgetfullness!