More about the Samsung – Apple legal case




There are more iterations on this ongoing battle royal between the Smartphone leaders. It would seem that Samsung are about launch another counter suit against Apple primarily to protect their home market in Korea.



But these two leaders might want to keep a close eye on HTC who might steel a march on them whilst they slog it out in the courts. The other beneficiaries will be the lawyers – what a surprise.




So as this battle goes on and probably will for sometime to come, the mind boggles at what the mounting legal costs will be – not small for sure.

Apple vs Android phone & tablet makers – UK likely to rule on Apple patents before Germany


This battle royal has been working its way through the European courts in the Netherlands and Germany, and is ongoing in UK as well.  The Android phone & tablet makers are battling with Apple over patents. The chances are it will be long drawn out battle with very high stakes as android devices are becoming increasingly popular. If the UK rule first it will impact on any German decision.

What does this mean for you and me owners of android technology, well if like me you already have an android device your OK for now. Later if the court rule in favour of Apple we will need to see. If the android market is as big as people say it will be then presumably android device manufacturers will probably pay royalties. The worst case scenario is I suppose that they decide to go down another route and stop android device production going forward – only time will tell. I will keep a watchful eye out on proceed and report back.

Any legal eagles who know about patent law out there might like to input here and through some light on what likely to happen – as I am but a humble android user with no legal background.