Can your Smartphone help keep the doctor away!


There will be new gadgets coming into the market soon which measure parameters that monitor health indicators such as blood pressure, blood oxygenation, and sleep patterns. These could be linked to your Smartphone in the future.  All this technology is one thing but the question we should ask is this the correct way to go to manage our personal health. For a long time we have eaten too much fast food, and drunk too much cheap alcohol, health is a personal responsibility. Such gadgets are fine but they do not absolve us from our individual responsibility. We are now seeing the consequences not taking health personally, namely high rates of alcohol problems in young people, a rising rate of diabetes, and widespread obesity. We need to take back responsibility for our health and teach our children not expect others to pick up the pieces.

It is also a necessary that governments and retailers to take some responsibility as well, we need to look very carefully at our licensing laws and their implementation. What message are we sending to our teenagers making it cheap to buy alcohol with ease? 

This new technology will coming soon and will assist at a cost no doubt, but this does not mean can avoid personal responsibility. It is time we looked at the root causes of the problem and stop thinking there is an easy solution. We need to eat less and more healthily, drink less alcohol and take more exercise. By doing this we start taking personal responsibility for our own health and not expect gadgets and others to do it for us!

Governments honesty is welcomed by Avanti



Following the govt. announcement last week that they had only allocated funding to meet half the cost for rolling out broadband across the country, it seems that other private organisations are coming to the table. The Government and private organistion Avanti are working together to create new satellites that can provide up to 10Mbps broadband for anyone in the UK, regardless of their location.



The government said it prefers match funding, which means that private companies such as BT could invest half of what the government put in. The Govt. hopes to announce the funding allocations for the UK regions before the summer recess.

Government admits it only has half the money for superfast broadband


Why do Governments never tell us the whole truth and then wonder why the voters are so cynical about politicians? As time goes on the current Government seem less and less different from it predecessors.

Jermery Hunt, the Culture Secretary, has admitted the Government has only half the money (£530m of the £1060m) that is needed for the superfast broadband expansion it was crowing so loadly about in December. It says the current budget crisis as a reason for this, and in its next breath says local authorities will need make up the balance – in a time of reduced budgets. Somethings never change. One day we might have government which tells us the truth – but then pigs will be flying as well!

On-line Business – thinking outside box


We have been reading of late about the state of the economy, that high speed broadband is the future, and how the digital age is upon us and important to the future growth of our economy. So it pleasing to see that some in govt. thinking outside the box – namely looking at current use  infra structure and how it might assist . There are 5,600 telephone exchanges in the UK through which broadband reaches homes. But there are 150,000 power substations reaching around 98 per cent of homes. In many cases fibre could be strung up alongside power lines to homes instead of digging up roads. Thus using this already existing infrastructure to get broadband to businesses and the community. I just hope that such ideas and new thinking do not get lost in the halls of govt,  bureaucracy and vested interests, which so often happens.

It is important we consider new ideas and use them to make us as a country more competitive, and lets face it the UK economy needs all the help it can get. I will monitor and hope that these ideas will be implemented and not labelled as too difficult or impractical never to see the light of day again.

Govt moving to nationwide broadband coverage


It would be nice to think my earlier blog has prompted this latest initiative of the Govt. to widen broadband coverage – but that would be wishful thinking. I will be interested to see if these laudable words will translate into meaningful action. The past record has been patchy to say the least, am I getting more cynical as I get older!

Are small businesses in the UK making the best use of the Internet?

UK businesses are falling behind on the money to be made using the internet.

Research shows small firms in the UK make more than £36 billion a year through web related revenue, but many more are missing out on this business opportunity. As many as 46% of small businesses were not capitalising on the potential internet business, and over 30% are not investing in internet tools to help get into this business opportunity.

All this is made more difficult as UK broadband speeds fall behind those of our competitors despite the Government promise to invest and improve broadband speeds over the next 5 years. We are told nowby the government that by 2015 two thirds of UK will have access to faster broadband which is pleasing to hear. What they do not say is that only a few months ago this was stated as being 90% by 2015. EU goal is to have this by 2013, so we see already the UK is falling further and further behind. This cannot bode well for our future growth as a nation at time when our economy needs as much help as possible. via @BroadbandExpert