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We are coming into the Festive Season again and Whitstable NCI will be out collecting again as we do all the year round to enable us to provide eyes and ears along the coast. Our collection will be outside Sainsbury’s on Saturday 26th November, Sunday 27th and Monday 28th. So please support us  so we can assist you when in difficulty along our coast. Our Station in Tankerton Bay east of Tankerton Bay Sailing Bay Club  by the ramp down onto the promenade. You should come in and see us we always welcome the public. We are on Station every Saturday Sunday and Monday through out the year from 10:00 till 16:00 in the winter and from 10:00 till 17:00 in the summer.

So why not come along and find out more about what we do to keep you safe when out on the water. We are always looking for new recruits  – you never know you might find it interesting  like I did when I visited. I have now been a Watchkeeper for nearly 4 years.

Mobile wallet offered to UK shoppers – useful or just an expensive way to buy goods and services.

The introduction of paying with your mobile wallet  has initially been launched by Orange and Barclaycard using ones mobile phone.

This shows how important mobile phone and the mobile broadband are becoming and their increasing importance  in our lives. Some say the internet is like oxygen almost an essential for living. Will same apply to the mobile internet and the mobile wallet?

Where will this lead – will we be throwing out our laptops in the future, probably not but they will certainly change. We have already seen the introduction of Ipad1 & 2 by Apple followed by other manufacturers equivalents. Touch screens laptops are here to stay. Acer have a laptop with two touch screens one of which can be used as a keyboard along with other novel ways of moving information, pictures etc. Smart mobile phones are increasingly popular with iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 in the lead, with others in the market palace.

Smart phones have led to an increase in use of mobile broadband to purchase goods and services. The increase of donations to charities via internet is just one example of this.

This change is fascinating and exciting, it is important to use this technology to help us. I know from personal experience, you can rush out and buy the latest technology only to find it does not live up to the hype. Research it, work out how you can use it on a daily basis, cost it fully, and then make an informed decision, only then will it be a useful tool for you. via @moldovaorg

NCI Umbrella Funday June 19th 2011

Umbrella Funday is the Tankerton Summer Fete held on Sunday 19th June 2011 on Tankerton Slopes. There will be a combination of Charity and Business stalls along with food stalls and fun fair.
NCI will have it’s usual Fundraising stall so please come and support us.