Pfizer site may become an Enterprize zone


Pfizer announced a couple of months ago about how it would be closing their snadwich site with the loss of 2400 jobs. The site way become an Enterprise zone. An application  has been made for it to become an Enterprise zone. If it obtains this status it will mean will benefit from business rate discounts, simplified planning and access to superfast broadband. Fingers crossed for Sandwich.

More comments on UK mobile broadband coverage

Clearly eBay have a vested interest in an expanded mobile broadband coverage, but more importantly for all of us we are missing an opportunity. What is this opportunity, there are several aspects to it.

Firstly, not everyone one is fortunate to have conventional broadband access for a number of reasons, so they are marginalised. Secondly, transactions by mobile are increasing and will continue to rise, this is limited by the  mobile broadband cover available.



The lack coverage also means businesses are missing out on a huge potential business opportunity along side Joe public. I can foresee that mobile purchases are going to sky rocket in the future the question is do you wish to be part of this future or stay where you are?

eBay complains about UK mobile broadband coverage – CNET News via @cnet

Are small businesses in the UK making the best use of the Internet?

UK businesses are falling behind on the money to be made using the internet.

Research shows small firms in the UK make more than £36 billion a year through web related revenue, but many more are missing out on this business opportunity. As many as 46% of small businesses were not capitalising on the potential internet business, and over 30% are not investing in internet tools to help get into this business opportunity.

All this is made more difficult as UK broadband speeds fall behind those of our competitors despite the Government promise to invest and improve broadband speeds over the next 5 years. We are told nowby the government that by 2015 two thirds of UK will have access to faster broadband which is pleasing to hear. What they do not say is that only a few months ago this was stated as being 90% by 2015. EU goal is to have this by 2013, so we see already the UK is falling further and further behind. This cannot bode well for our future growth as a nation at time when our economy needs as much help as possible. via @BroadbandExpert