Broadband ‘notspots’ revealed

The UK’s broadband “notspots” have been revealed.

Just days before local authorities learn whether they will get government cash to improve connection speeds.  We Labour reaseachers reveal 18 parliamentary constituences have a majority of the population in low-speed areas, where households face frustration at their computer keyboards

In total, 11.1m people, 18.1% of the population, live in low-speed areas, in more than 5m homes. In contrast, in 17 constituencies, not a single home suffers slow broadband connections. Of those, 13 are in London, with one each in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Leicester.

So much for superfast broadband for all the UK.

UK superfast broadband faces setback

Rollout of superfast broadband has not rolled out as well as expected , one of the possible reasons is reasons is lack of community involvement.