Mobile Broadband access improving for Orange, T-Mobole & 3G Network

Everything Everywhere  are now making life much easier for all mobile broadband customers of T-Mobile, Orange and 3G Network to use each other’s network as from next week.

UK falling behind in mobile broadband


It seems that the UK is falling behind the US and Europe in its rollout of mobile broadband. Why is this? The same companies are operating in all the markets more often than not. One has to ask if the Govt. is doing all it can to encourage companies. When you consider all the hype we have had from Govt. about how important it is to get faster  broadband across the country – we hear repeatedly from independent observers that all is not what they say. Am I surprised I ask myself – time and time again we hear politicians promising something which turns out to be so much hot air.


The tragedy is if we as country don’t do this right we will be left behind, particularly as in this area things are moving so fast. Lets face it our economy needs all the help it can get.