2013 not year for mobile wallets in UK


Mobile wallet

Last year we heard quite a lot about mobile wallets, what will happen in 2013. As one might expect in the US it is becoming more available and consumers seem to be become more receptive,  more retailers are making the service available.



In the UK it is a little slower, it is available but only to limited extent. Consumers are still concerned about security, only limited number of phones have capability, and mobile contracts tie you in for up to 2 years. All this means that although mobile wallets will be available to some, for the majority of consumers  it is still a little time away. 


However, despite the above consumers are increasing using smartphones and tablets to access to information and buying  products and services on the internet. The impact of this is seen regularly on our TV screen with a number of well known brands going to the wall. So in the longer term I do believe that consumers will embrace the concept of mobile wallets – its a natural progression. If this is to be sooner rather than later the players in the arena such as mobile suppliers, banks, and retailers need to work together. Those slow to embrace the new technology will be left behind and if they are not careful end up on the evening news as another brand or supplier consigned to the history book.

Smartphones using more data than tablets


It seems that we smartphone owners are using more data than tablets. I have noticed this on my own smartphone (Galaxy III). The bulk of my consumption is on home wifi – so it is free which is just as well as it is upto 3.7G last month! Smartphones are also now becoming more important in our daily shopping which might account for some of this increased data usage.

For those of you concerned about this increased usage should use one the many apps available to monitor usage I use – My Data Apps – Morbidia Technology Inc. Check out your App store to find the best one for you.

Do your homework before you buy any new technology

Anyone about to buy new technology should do their homework before buying. Not rocket science but it is surprising how some have been caught out with the new iPad with 4G technology. There are increasing reports of this problem from

  number of countries where it is sold. Before spending your hard earned money you should read articles like and search the internet for any other pitfalls. Otherwise if you don’t you might be disappointed with your purchase. It will work just not quite how the package says! So be sensible and research before you make the plunge- aware of what you are getting, and don’t believe all the hype.

Are Amazon going upset the tablet applecart!


Amazon tabletIs this what’s going to revolutionise the tablet market place – could be.  CEO Jeff Bezos today took the wraps off Amazon’s first tablet, the Kindle Fire. This is a 7 inch colour tablet which looks like its going to be priced at $199. This is clearly aiming at the lower price market, but with the Amazon selling power and with so many customers it will give all tablets a run for their money I suspect.

There will still be a demand for top end such as the iPad, but it will certainly make Apple and Samsung think Amazon Kindle Firecarefully bout their tablet market share. All this can only be good news for consumers. So lets all hope this new tablets is as good as it sounds.