Quad core

Quad Core mobiles now!

Our mobile phone makers have now come up with quad core processors for our mobile phones. It doesn’t seem two minutes hat quad core pc’s were the latest idea, now it phones. This innovation has arrived and we are already expecting a lot of these phones to come out in the market such as the HTC Edge and rumoured Samsung Galaxy S3 and Meizu MX phones. So if you’re planning on buying a new phone this year, you may have to wait until these phones make an entry into the market.



But what does all this mean, for me I always end up trying to do too much at the same time as my mind goes off in tangents. So those multi taskers it means you can get away with this on your mobile as well as your pc without waiting for ever. So it does more things at the same time. It’s also faster for downloads and uploads, so for those who watch videos or clips on YouTube on your mobile will find it much faster. You will also find that power consumption is lower as quad core processors will break up tasks across it cores, and battery drainage will be less if you forget and leave apps open.



Consequentially, as we have seen of late mobiles will become even more like pc’s with the same processing power. Of course this will initially add some additional cost as all new ideas do, but in time I expect cost will come down. So the big question for me is do I wish to forego the bigger pc screen for a more mobile all be it smaller screened pc? For the moment I will continue to use my iPad and watch developments, and use my desk pc when want peace and quiet in my study. It’s like everything in life each has its place some better for one thing and others more appropriate when out and about. So just think about what each does best and ask yourself will it really help you, or is it just another advertising gimmick to get you to buy a bigger more costly mobile.