Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband access improving for Orange, T-Mobole & 3G Network

Everything Everywhere  are now making life much easier for all mobile broadband customers of T-Mobile, Orange and 3G Network to use each other’s network as from next week.

Are Mobile web users at the end of tether?

Some of you may be asking what this is all about. Well for a while the new generation of mobiles and smartphones have the ability to act as mini Wi-Fi routers – this is called tethering. This means that you can link laptops, phones and tablets to them and gain access to the internet for these devices.

Alongside this mobile operators are reducing the number of unlimited data bundles available. This is because with the increasing use of smartphones, data usage has sky rocketed. So increasingly the data packages are capped at 500MB or 1GB. What some operators have decided to do at the same time is charge extra for the privilege of tethering. So if you have a 500MB data bundle on your smartphone and you decide to enable tethering on the phone. Your operator may charge you extra outside you data bundle for the privilege of tethering.

The reality is that we are all using mobiles to access the internet more and more, and web browsing is more data-intensive on larger devices – tablets can use twice as much data as a mobile phone.

So why are they doing this? Well their business model is based on mobile broadband access being conducted via dongles or mini Wi-Fi hubs (Mifis). If we use tethering it will make these redundant and result in loss of income stream. So they charge us for tethering.

Some operators such as O2 and 3 have offered tethering without extra charge since earlier this year and Vodafone has just begun including it on new and updated contracts. Orange only lets iPhone customers do it and both Orange and T-Mobile charge more for packages that allows a personal hotspot to be switched on.

So if you are thinking of tethering – forewarned is forearmed if you wish to kerb your mobile costs make sure you know what operators policy is on tethering.

Mobile broadband survey reveals UK notspots

A new BBC survey has shown that many areas of the UK are still receiving unreliable mobile broadband connections. This survey shows that there are many mobile broadband notspots still existing across the UK, which includes a number of major towns and cities. This is the most extensive conducted survey well beyond any scale seen by the mobile industry in this country or any other.


 It includes more than 44,000 volunteers provided data for use in the analysis,which revealed that testers were only able to receive a 3G signal 75 per cent of the time, despite operator claims of 90 per cent coverage or more. The performance  from different operators varied greatly greatly from region to region.


 Broadband is becoming increasingly important as tool for both businesses and households in the UK and this survey shows how patchy it can be in more rural areas. What is also interesting that there are patchy areas even in some urban areas as well. It will place the providers in a spot light and will hopefully encourage them to be a little more honest about their respective coverage. This will mean that consumers will be able to make amore informed decision as to which network suits their needs. Such transfarency can only benefit us all in the long run.

How do feel about more ads on your mobile?



We have all heard how popular smartphones have become and how much we are all using mobile broadband. But do you want more adverts on your mobile phone. I don’t about you I have an app on mine which gets rid of unwanted adverts. But advertisers are looking at ways of capitalizing on our increased use of smartphones. There is so much potential money to be made you can be sure we will see more mobile ads.



The question is do you want this? If you don’t what can you do about it? Well there are Apps available which will cut out ads on your mobile. These will block ads that are attached to some Apps you download. However, you must remember – there are no free meals in this world. Someone has to fund the free Apps you download – it is the advertisers. So there is a balance to be made. Banning all adverts will mean you have to pay more for your apps.

Govt moving to nationwide broadband coverage


It would be nice to think my earlier blog has prompted this latest initiative of the Govt. to widen broadband coverage – but that would be wishful thinking. I will be interested to see if these laudable words will translate into meaningful action. The past record has been patchy to say the least, am I getting more cynical as I get older!

More comments on UK mobile broadband coverage

Clearly eBay have a vested interest in an expanded mobile broadband coverage, but more importantly for all of us we are missing an opportunity. What is this opportunity, there are several aspects to it.

Firstly, not everyone one is fortunate to have conventional broadband access for a number of reasons, so they are marginalised. Secondly, transactions by mobile are increasing and will continue to rise, this is limited by the  mobile broadband cover available.



The lack coverage also means businesses are missing out on a huge potential business opportunity along side Joe public. I can foresee that mobile purchases are going to sky rocket in the future the question is do you wish to be part of this future or stay where you are?

eBay complains about UK mobile broadband coverage – CNET News via @cnet

UK falling behind in mobile broadband


It seems that the UK is falling behind the US and Europe in its rollout of mobile broadband. Why is this? The same companies are operating in all the markets more often than not. One has to ask if the Govt. is doing all it can to encourage companies. When you consider all the hype we have had from Govt. about how important it is to get faster  broadband across the country – we hear repeatedly from independent observers that all is not what they say. Am I surprised I ask myself – time and time again we hear politicians promising something which turns out to be so much hot air.


The tragedy is if we as country don’t do this right we will be left behind, particularly as in this area things are moving so fast. Lets face it our economy needs all the help it can get.

Is mobile broadband hindering boom in ‘m-commerce’

eCommerceIt is being predicted by companies like eBay that ‘m commerce’ is going to boom over the next few years as more of us use smart phones to access the internet and purchase goods and services.

As we use mobiles to gain access to the internet and purchase goods  could lead the UK economy to grow by £4.5bn within four years, and by another £13bn by 2021 according to eBay.

This potential growth will be hindered by lack of access to mobile broadband, and the costs of data downloads. We should push for great coverage and  have ambitious goals to make sure the higher reliability and quality of mobile broadband. This will only happen if he the users create a demand and show we are prepared to access the internet with our mobiles. via @addthis