Governments honesty is welcomed by Avanti



Following the govt. announcement last week that they had only allocated funding to meet half the cost for rolling out broadband across the country, it seems that other private organisations are coming to the table. The Government and private organistion Avanti are working together to create new satellites that can provide up to 10Mbps broadband for anyone in the UK, regardless of their location.



The government said it prefers match funding, which means that private companies such as BT could invest half of what the government put in. The Govt. hopes to announce the funding allocations for the UK regions before the summer recess.

Which experts are right about broadband delivery?


We have heard a lot in recent months about superfast broadband how this or that company is rolling it out so we can get faster broadband all at some huge cost. This will of almost certainly mean another cost to us as consumers  – what a surprise. But it would seem that the so called experts are now in disagreement as to which of the two is fastest. MLL Telecom say that advances in copper broadband technology mean that traditional telephony networks are now capable of supporting the advanced services that customers desire. They go on to say that Ethernet First Mile (EFM) technology, which uses local loop unbundling technology, is a great solution. In some instances, EFM broadband is capable of providing the same download speeds as fibre-optic services, at half the price.


Some of us may benefit from it others may not. Come on guys lets get some clarity so we consumers can make an informed decision as which system is best for our needs. If this article is to be believed there could be some very embarrassed company bosses trying to justifying the huge cost to shareholders of an investment which may not have the same payback as originally thought! But having said that I am sure it is not that simple. One of the factors which dictates speed of delivery is the distance from your nearest the  elephone exchange.

Do you even know what your actual brioadband speed is in reality – our suppliers bandy around theoritcal figures which are often several fold high than reality. If you want to know what you speed is really go to This site will tell you your current speed and make comparison to other areas,  as well as cataloging your tests results. via @top10uk

On-line Business – thinking outside box


We have been reading of late about the state of the economy, that high speed broadband is the future, and how the digital age is upon us and important to the future growth of our economy. So it pleasing to see that some in govt. thinking outside the box – namely looking at current use  infra structure and how it might assist . There are 5,600 telephone exchanges in the UK through which broadband reaches homes. But there are 150,000 power substations reaching around 98 per cent of homes. In many cases fibre could be strung up alongside power lines to homes instead of digging up roads. Thus using this already existing infrastructure to get broadband to businesses and the community. I just hope that such ideas and new thinking do not get lost in the halls of govt,  bureaucracy and vested interests, which so often happens.

It is important we consider new ideas and use them to make us as a country more competitive, and lets face it the UK economy needs all the help it can get. I will monitor and hope that these ideas will be implemented and not labelled as too difficult or impractical never to see the light of day again.

Govt moving to nationwide broadband coverage


It would be nice to think my earlier blog has prompted this latest initiative of the Govt. to widen broadband coverage – but that would be wishful thinking. I will be interested to see if these laudable words will translate into meaningful action. The past record has been patchy to say the least, am I getting more cynical as I get older!

How UK broadband uptake compares to rest of Europe


UK shows that it leads Europe on the uptake of broadband across anumber of parameters. The only parameter we do less favourably is online bidding for public sector tendering. The UK government have been critisised on this point in the past. This shows inconsitency across government departments considering they making so much about widening broadband – or all this just hype by government because it looks good! via @AddThis

Broadband prices to rise is this just the tip of the iceberg

One has to wonder if this is just the beginning, with all the investment in superfast broadband we hear about each day I cannot believe the companies will absorb all the costs and not pass on any of  it on to their customers.

Telegraph via @Telegraph

Want superfast broadband? Try 26Tbits/sec.

Is this pie in the sky or where the future lies for the internet in our homes and businesses? Clearly this is only where research is today and it will probably be some years before this can become reality in our daily lives. But even if we only get a fraction of this speed it will be a huge change from today’s speeds.

The importance of this scientific research is that it is theoretically possible, but theory and reality are often two different things. It paints a picture of what the future might hold. If in the late 1950’s someone had said we would walk on the moon many people would have said you were mad – so who knows where the future internet speeds will end up. It can only improve the question is by how much?

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