Mothersday Luscious Brownies


Luscious Brownie recipe


185g Unsalted butter
100 g Dark Chocolate buttons
90 g Chocolate praline sandwich buttons from Henry’s hand made chocolates
85g Plain flour
40g Cocoa powder
3 large eggs from Nethergong nurseries
275g golden caster sugar


Turn the Oven on 180 and allow to pre-heat

On the hob boil some water in a large saucepan – insert a large heat proof bowl over the saucepan to make a bain marie  

Melt the Chocolate over  boiling water – once melted add butter and sugar allow for sugar to dissolve and butter to melt.

In a separate bowl away from the heat beat the eggs then add the cocoa and flour. Add the chocolate mixture little by little and mix well.

Pour into a non stick greased baking tray and bake for 23 minutes on 180 C

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