What does the future look like for telecommunications?


HUD Technology


We have all heard of HUD (Heads Up Display) technology it has been used in military aircraft and even some of the more expensive cars as seen on the left. Well what about in combination with your Smartphone and a pair of glasses? Communications sector is always coming up with the next idea to sell phones and Googles latest concept is  HUD in pair of glassesIf you wish to see into the future read this article http://bit.ly/HniJf8. Its interesting stuff and gives you an idea as to what we can expect in the future.

However, it is not without some issues. As Google are behind it and they have advertisers to please as well as ensuring a viable revenue stream. It does raise the question as to how to the balance the need for advertising without having annoying adverts displayed in your spectacles! Also they will need to convince people its cool to wear these new communicating specs – I am sure its not beyond their ingenuity.

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