More info on Mobile Wallets

The world is moving forward as far a mobile wallets is concerned.  Google has been one organisation looking into this opportunity, and now have sleeper chips in the Nexus S Android smartphones that will be switched on in certain markets within the coming weeks. The first to go live will be Los Angeles, Washington DC and Chicago. The UK has a similar trial underway and Google has its sights on UK early 2012, and then onto Europe.



Now what does all this mean for security, this is still not clear as the technology is still in the final phases of testing in the United States. Will our future mobile wallets have money deducted from them by hackers? It is still too early to tell, my advice is be very careful about rushing into this new opportunity. Wait until organisations promoting mobile wallets identify what safeguards are in place and who pays when security is breached. So be warned, and be careful before embracing this step forward.

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