Sixth of the UK is an m-commerce ‘blackspot’


Following on from my earlier post on m-commerce I was interested to pick up this followup article. research has shown that upto 1/6th of the UK is a m-commerce ‘blackspot’. What may surprise  you to hear is that it is not just places like The Outer Hebrides as one would expect but includes Central London with WC postcode.

The study showed that  as many as a third of conusumers failed to complete their purchase due to problems with mobile broadband. More than a third of consumers have failed to complete a purchase on their mobile due to “issues” with mobile broadband. Consumers found that the barriers to mobile shopping were , network coverage(79 percent), the reliability (85 percent) and speed (86 percent) ranked highest, they were also heavily put off by the cost of data (80 percent).

When asked their views on what should be the top priority for mobile networks and regulators, the cost of data came out top (over half), with improving coverage in second place (23 percent). One in ten think improving the reliability of internet connections in urban areas (14 percent) should be the priority, followed by providing better internet coverage on transport routes (13 percent).

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